Reviews for "Fishing Simulator."

So accurate!

It captures the essence of fishing boringness, bad thing you uploaded it as a game instead of a movie, that sometimes cost points, I voted 5 though :D


no menu, loader, complicated/eye tiring sprites and happy music. nailed it basically. but since ive given 10s to games ppl have worked on for months it doesnt seem fair to give this one.


Taking it as a game, you could say it's horrible, but as a joke about the funny life of a fisherman, it's good and it gains a +1 in my rating for the background music :)

as far as I can see...

there's no point to the game as you have no control over it. So you can't exactly play it. What can I say about an unplayable game? Good concept, no execution.


i for onwe shit my pants,
-1 for the shit in my pants