Reviews for "Use Your iMagination!"


ROFL literally. I was laughing my head off with this. Hilarious! 10/10. 5/5

I use my TEN STARS

This game is cool and easy to play

very short but very big impact!

I just can say : " WOW! " , " hahahaha XD " , " very good " , " perhaps the best video I never saw " or... " B.R.A.V.O and 1 more time WOW ".
I hope that you will create another funny like this time!

I really liked this.

It's funny because it's true. Excellent work on this, keep it up!

This is too true AND funny!

Creativity! Funny! And true! (some of it XD)

People nowadays can't even use their imaginations because other people keep making ideas FOR them. I gotta say that I use my imagination non-stop! xD I had my iMagination since I was BORN! =P

But really! This flash shows that you have talent and creativity ^^ I bow to your iMagination =3