Reviews for "Use Your iMagination!"

I'm using my I-magination!

The flying attack dolphin does it for me!

just looking at the title

when i saw the title, Use Your iMagination, i knew it had something to do with iPods and iPhones and stuff like that lol "all right, i'm ridin the banshee" lol the banshee sounds like the 2nd boss from DK64 when you hurt it

i LOLed

nice great game i like the end (*stupid*) lol good work :3.

Good Point

You make an excellent point, with all of this technology, we've lost focus, we're growing unable to contribute to the world without dependency on technology. It's gay.

it makes me ask

when the hell are they going to make the plesher chip or the v-chamber (don't know what that is deel with it). i gust wich there was some way to know the progres on that stuff...there is...i'v gust ben infromed that theres and app for that.