Reviews for "Edd Egg - Sick"

Really funny!

First episode of this Iv'e watched, and I'm glad I did. The humour was great throughout and the ending was an awesome finisher. The animation itself was clean and well suited for this series. The part with the bed turning must have taking a while, welldone.

Eddache responds:

The bed turn was actually quite easy compared to, say, Edd Egg's facial and body animation, which is almost completely frame-by-frame.

I agree ronnoc45

I'm getting a white screen too.
But, from reading other comments and from seeing Eddache's other stuff, i think its still worth a 10/10. But I'm not voting 5/5 until I see the movie.


I gotta try that plan of his sometime


Brilliant sketch! I only wish there were more of these!

killer whale

yea random killer whale attacks!!!!!