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Reviews for "Edd Egg - Sick"

Goddamn downvoters

This really deserved the top spot. You are perhaps the only bloke I know who can make tasteful cock jokes that are executed nicely.

Eddache responds:

Mmm tasty cock!

Thank god you got FP'd!

Best episode yet!
I loved it!
This animation seemed a lot smoother than the other episodes are, I'm guessing you're using 25-30FPS...
I also loved the reference to "EE - Werewolf"!
All in all, another fine animation sir!

That. Was. Amazing.

I never really thought that a flash really deserved more than a 5, ever. this one deserves a 7/5 and 15/10 its was the funnies thing i have seen in 2 years! you really made my day.

the animation was gorgeous, the humer was perfect, and the plot was really great!

interesting little show

I thought it was interesting and made me giggle a bit, though i found that female wolfy or whatever she is a bit manish but these are your characters you can have em how ever you like.

A good job over all.


This has just made my day.
it is nice and clever with some amusing jokes, plus the ending was just hilarious.