Reviews for "Dilwyn"


this is awsome cant wait for the series one of my fav parts is the bottom lip bite thingy epic can you send me a pic of delwyn and the other guy doing this face i want it as a back ground plz

Good for a first

Well, there are multiple things you did good and multiple things you did wrong, or should i say, not perfect. but remember, the best thing to do about this, is remember: time and effort.

-Voice acting was okay

Truthfully i can't find any more good. this isn't a bad thing, because i was more focused on the bad.

- No Sounds besides background music
-Background music doesn't fit too much
-Respawning was "Hope you got to a respawn point"
-limited animations

i suggest you find more suiting music to go with the game, and make some noises. all i an hear is the background music. no ping when i get coins, no screm or crunch for when i get hurt, no sound when i jump. it's all very quiet. try to incorporate somemore sounds in there.

Another thing, try making some more animations for each creature/character. just having the Jews Disappear after you jumped on them with no sound turned me off. and when i die by falling i tip over. when i ger smashed i get tipped over. when i hit an enemy i tip over. come on, some variety man.

All in all, i give this a 5/10, 3/5, because while it's kind of low end, it has potential to be something good. just take the tips i had in hand, and just, well, POLISH! polish gets you stars. gameplay is basic, but still fun, but polish would get you a 4, and if done right maybe even a 5. who knows, but all in all, good job for a first.


CallumBowen responds:

there was sounds in the game such as jumping over the enemies etc but it made the gamplay laggy and i cared for the gameplay more than anything.
the animation was rushed and took a week or more to do
i wont be making games anymore
i got free time now so expect much better animations from me


Stunning first flash attempt. Most only use geometric shapes and messy lines (which is perfectly acceptable for your first time) but this was really well thought out and entertaining too :) Well done!

CallumBowen responds:

thanks man
i rushed the animation to get it out in time
but now i can take my time and my animations will definatley improve