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Reviews for "Power Rangers 16bit intro"

Well done!

Not bad for your first flash man! Keep it up!

One criticizm: the framerate looked a bit low at points... maybe you should bump it up a bit? Or maybe it's just the way it's animated I can't tell :P

Wow, reminds me of

Old times making love to my Snes, I miss that girl... Good show

Awesome, I did not expect any less.

You get a 5/5 and 10/10 from me man, I've seen your previous early work and I have to say that this is great stuff, even though I hardly know anything about the power rangers. But this takes great skill. Hats off. Greetings from your Street Fighter buddy!

Well done good sir

I was going to say, some of those sprites i dont recognize from any game. The fact that you kept the sprite size relatively the same throughout the movie makes it look cleaner, all sprite based movies should follow that rule. overall, a nice intro to a childhood classic :3

mr22turbo responds:

Thanks for your review! I tried to keep the sprite size the same in the entire movie and only used effects that would be possible on systems like the Megadrive and SNES. The resolution of the flash is also the same as the resolution of the Megadrive.
I used the following games: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (SNES and Megadrive), Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Movie Edition (SNES) and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Fighting Edition (SNES).


I can see the ammount of though and work that went into this, and I dare say that this work is genius.
Not much to say, asside from a deserve full 5/5 9/10