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Reviews for "Power Rangers 16bit intro"

I thought it was cool...

People think this is a useless review...

Made of good. But Super sentai is better.

Well you just had to use sprites and all but the animation was fluent etc *insert pretensive lines of a flash review here* it looked awesome and thats good enough in itself. But Super Sentai is better, Geki is manlier than Jason and Burai is made of more win than Tommy and Power Rangers don't have Akared and thats missing out a lot of win.

(just kidding, considering this is McNewgrounds PR is just more reckognizable, though Super Sentai is still better.)

Back to topic, my favourite part was in fact the beginning with Rita, that just had more impact than the rest of the vid with the ranger sprites hopping around,and Billy beating the two mooks looked kinda... bland. It looks like they fainted because he hopped around a bit.

Did I mention Super Sentai is better? I think I'll just mention it again just in case and all. Because it is. XD

very nice

Especially nice because you did some custom spritework. Great job. Honestly the retro intro goes right along with the 16-bit graphics!

I thought there'd be 16bit music :(

didn't anyone else see the title and think there'd be 16bit music? I am disappointed

Half of the film is stolen

Half of the footage used was stolen from the MMPR's SNES game, so you should give credit were credit is due, but otherwise nice job

mr22turbo responds:

Well actually my movie and the SNES game both have parts that are based on the Power Rangers TV intro, so of course I used those sprites and animations, because they fit in nicely...