Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"

tht was amazing

wow incredibly epic it kept me askin for more

pretty cool

it was somewaht confusing but you start understanding it as it progresses. BTW the song by Solars Fields is phenomenal. do you know what vocals to the song are? ive trying forever to figure out


Frankly I don't see what everybody is complaning about I think it looks vary nice in it's simplicity. it's a bit of an artsy flash and not having much of a plot but it was awasome fighting. 10/10 nice for you're first try.


im pretty sure the song during the flash was Rush's Tom Sawyer

MLeth responds:

No.. It's not xD

wooow that was nice

i really love it
1 thing that could be better is the little tree that falls, it would be better if you made some roots or make the tree crack at the boddom or something
but otherwise it was awesome

btw people who like animes and wana help me make one check my profile, i really need animators, people to draw things, more names, people who can help with the script ........

MLeth responds:

Oh yeah, good idea with the tree! Why didnt I think of that.. xD Anyway, thanks for reviewing!