Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"

Lights done right.

Wow. Haven't seen any decent silent movie around here for awhile. And you make one that's brilliant! The stroke is really neat and clean, giving perfect sense of speed and movement of the flies. Well done!

And the lazer are a good bonus!

"i love it"

its really nice :)! make more ! this fight make me remamber dragonballZ


its true that i didn't understand anything of the story, but the fighting sooooo closely resembles to dbz XD teleportation, fusing, and even ki ways :D. very smooth video, kick-ass dot fightin' and pretty cool heart pumpin music. awesome job my friend....awesome job.


This was a great relief from all of the clockday bullshit, and i thank you for bringing a little more art and animation to newgrounds this week.


I couldn't follow all the details, but it was still awesome.