Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"


you used flash?

MLeth responds:


Yesh, Flash and Photoshop ^^


I guess everyone who posted 0 on this is either fucking retarded or just likes to watch fucking anime porn. For all of you, who voted 5 - 0.. all I have to say to you is go fuck a goat and delete your account of NG.

As to this flash, I enjoy it very much. Like the details on it, smooth frames. Cool background aswell. Good job & keep up the good work.

MLeth responds:

Thank you! =)

Really interesting

ive never seen such a thing, congrats dude :)


that was pretty sexy

A really original idea!

I loved the mood, first of all, and all that opposition theme and the backgrounds, the purety, of the flash, was also very marking to me, very appealing, it was quite simple, but in a flash like this, why should we need to put more? I loved it!

MLeth responds:

Thank you for the kind words! :D