Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"

lol meh

Sorry bro, being a stick figure animator myself, I already know when something is pretty lazy. Drawing a little brush circle every frame hardly takes any artistic skill. However you spiced things up with the filters and the occasional extra effects, which I enjoyed. I also liked the song and the background isn't bad either (:

MLeth responds:

I really put my soul into this though.. It was my first big project ): I havent been animation for so long xD And man, "it hardly takes any artistic skill" <-- that hurts ;_;

But thanks xD


well....i liked the background.....


The animations were lazy as well as the sounds track. It was just a dubbed on song didnt link to the animation. And with Limbo being a inspiration you dont do it much credit Limbo portrays a sense of story and empathy without ever really telling you anything leaving your mind to wander. This movie was me watching a bunch of colored dots fly around lost to whats going on.

i dont understand

newgrounds must really need anything they can get for front page nowadays.... honestly, I think you could do better. How about instead of being so damn lazy on backround and the fireflies, have the backround changing, and dont take it from some crappy black and white game that might as well have been made on newgrounds..... another thing how about the fireflies? i mean a couple of close ups to see what they look like maybe give em a funny face and then shoot the laser or w/e it is they were doing.... just really put more effort into it, reminded me of a 4 year old playing with microsoft paint.

An attempt at being creative?

It's hard to call this a flash. It seems to be more like a "test" of your animation abilities. No clear story (though I can't see where you would be able to fit one into something like this), smudged movement (overdone, over rated, and mistaken for good animation) and a lack of anything interesting earns this steaming pile of crap a 2/10.

The 2 stars are purely for effort.