Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"


So that's what DBZ would look like if viewed by cosmic giants.

I liked the music and the smoothness of your, er, dots. This is a pretty useless review. Thanks for making the flash.

its ok

it is defiantly an interesting flash, kinda hard to follow what's going on, but was fun to watch.

so pretty

good job :3

not bad

There have been times when i thought the flashes and the laser fights between the fireflies went to the rythem and beat of the music. If thats a little of what you are aiming for, i'd like to see that more often. If you want an idea for a more epic sequel, that a look at crop circle photos and try to figure out creative ways to to make patterns like that... or maybe that may be waay too far just for you second installment. I dont know, just throwin out an idea for ya


ok, yeah, it was nothing but four dots on a screen fighting each other to a cool soundtrack. it's even less than a stickman. not much of a story to speak of.
but there were laser beams and stuff! plus the colors were trippy and it actually held my attention the whole time. t'was fun looking at the pretty colors. i look forward to your next work!