Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"


Better than the generic fireworks flashes that use the same techniques. It actually had some presence of story within the animation. I liked this. Good stuff.

dragon ball flirefly edition.

Ok, it was nice, and i like it, but maybe it turns out to be like some fight for the firefly universe. this animation could be better.


Which is why I like it.
Nobody really ever thinks of fighting fireflies with (superpowers?) which is why it's great. More points for the animation; fluid and stylish.
As for the storyline either I have no imagination or there was none..
(But I suppose it doesnt hurt to invent one :D)
I would give a higher review if there was a clearer story, but I suppose that's for the next submission :D


simple but good

didnt like the music at the end though


Preety interesting.Keep it up. :)