Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"

wooow that was nice

i really love it
1 thing that could be better is the little tree that falls, it would be better if you made some roots or make the tree crack at the boddom or something
but otherwise it was awesome

btw people who like animes and wana help me make one check my profile, i really need animators, people to draw things, more names, people who can help with the script ........

MLeth responds:

Oh yeah, good idea with the tree! Why didnt I think of that.. xD Anyway, thanks for reviewing!

Pretty cool

Pretty cool, Liked the music, Would like to know whats up with them fighting? is there previous firefly vids you made with backstory?

Good stuff

Reminded me of a mix of Limbo and the flies that Adam Phillips has in his Bitey series.

Not Bad.... not at all

I won't lie, I was a bit lost amidst the actual video, because as some people have pointed out, it is a bit hard to see any of those actual fireflies there in the screen, even when you expand it. Also, I know this video is experimental, so no story is required to get me on the edge of my seat, praying to God something sick and repulsive might happen as usual per Newgrounds.
It was definitely fun something different. And it does deserve front page, me thinks. Good to see a light show instead of two girls one cup references all the time (no offense intended). Also, Solar Fields music pick for the video: spot on.
Anyways, kudos, HARX.


That was pretty cool, made me think of how a generic DBZ fight would look like from way off in the distance lol.
8, cause it was cool, but though the music was good, i think there could have been a better choice. something more exciting/active.