Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"


Very simple but also entertaining...wish it was somewhat longer though.
The music you chose fit very well with the main movie :)
Loved the little battle between the fireflies and the ehh...mysterious fruit?

Just one issue...

I found the animation to be great, and honestly, really cool. However, due to the name choice you used, I almost didn't watch it. When I saw the title, I assumed "Oh god, an Owl City gay joke flash." That thought made me avoid this flash for a good half a week, and I finally mustered up the boredom to watch this, and was pleasantly surprised, as well as regretful that I had not seen it sooner. Congrats on a great animation, just, please, on future submissions, try to look at alternate interpretations for titles.

not bad

There have been times when i thought the flashes and the laser fights between the fireflies went to the rythem and beat of the music. If thats a little of what you are aiming for, i'd like to see that more often. If you want an idea for a more epic sequel, that a look at crop circle photos and try to figure out creative ways to to make patterns like that... or maybe that may be waay too far just for you second installment. I dont know, just throwin out an idea for ya


Way to ruin the mood with the credits song gawd, you do that on purpose?

MLeth responds:

Well yeah, its my flash so.. xD

Great but...

was this a narcotic metaphor of sorts?