Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"

i dont even get it

just wtf?

Not Bad.... not at all

I won't lie, I was a bit lost amidst the actual video, because as some people have pointed out, it is a bit hard to see any of those actual fireflies there in the screen, even when you expand it. Also, I know this video is experimental, so no story is required to get me on the edge of my seat, praying to God something sick and repulsive might happen as usual per Newgrounds.
It was definitely fun something different. And it does deserve front page, me thinks. Good to see a light show instead of two girls one cup references all the time (no offense intended). Also, Solar Fields music pick for the video: spot on.
Anyways, kudos, HARX.

tht was amazing

wow incredibly epic it kept me askin for more


ok very interesting and good drawing i have to give you that but on the critic first of all, not to be obvious but its kinda hard to enjoy some thing that is that small maybe try doing like the fireflies as people from seeing this i say you have the capacity to do it its just time consuming but worth it in the end, i my self work here and there with creators of all types of videos so ya anyways secondly, maybe if the first request is out of the question then try something like subtitles or something to give more insight to what your trying to convey to the crowd you know like so voice acting or something it doesnt have to be good voice acting but just something to give the people that dont have any idea whats going on an idea. but thats just my opinion

dragon ball flirefly edition.

Ok, it was nice, and i like it, but maybe it turns out to be like some fight for the firefly universe. this animation could be better.