Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"


ok, yeah, it was nothing but four dots on a screen fighting each other to a cool soundtrack. it's even less than a stickman. not much of a story to speak of.
but there were laser beams and stuff! plus the colors were trippy and it actually held my attention the whole time. t'was fun looking at the pretty colors. i look forward to your next work!


its true that i didn't understand anything of the story, but the fighting sooooo closely resembles to dbz XD teleportation, fusing, and even ki ways :D. very smooth video, kick-ass dot fightin' and pretty cool heart pumpin music. awesome job my friend....awesome job.


Which is why I like it.
Nobody really ever thinks of fighting fireflies with (superpowers?) which is why it's great. More points for the animation; fluid and stylish.
As for the storyline either I have no imagination or there was none..
(But I suppose it doesnt hurt to invent one :D)
I would give a higher review if there was a clearer story, but I suppose that's for the next submission :D


Not much to it

Its 4 dots in a fight scene. I could understand it better if you did a zoom up and the fire flies were like tiny people with wings or something, but it was just dots fighting. Maybe retune it to something like that. I see a person in your thumbnail, why isn't it in your flash?


..it waaaas wierd, i had to admit :) but nice animation and the story was simple, if you guys understood the whole animation :P nice job