Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"

pretty cool

it was somewaht confusing but you start understanding it as it progresses. BTW the song by Solars Fields is phenomenal. do you know what vocals to the song are? ive trying forever to figure out


I couldn't follow all the details, but it was still awesome.


This was a great relief from all of the clockday bullshit, and i thank you for bringing a little more art and animation to newgrounds this week.

Nicely done, needs improvement, but I like it...

Try not to pay too much attention to those people who have slagged this off. It is very good, all I would say is that I think that you could animate more scenes and maybe full characters. Don't get me wrong, I like it, I think that this animation shows people that you are a good artist with good inspiration, but I think that you could make this movie better.

BTW, anyone who says this movie is simplistic is the sort of person who would rate stick animation as a waste of time ;)

MLeth responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words! ^^ I really appreciate it!

And yeah, I'm definetaly trying to progress into more advanced animation, with detailed charactes in the future!

An attempt at being creative?

It's hard to call this a flash. It seems to be more like a "test" of your animation abilities. No clear story (though I can't see where you would be able to fit one into something like this), smudged movement (overdone, over rated, and mistaken for good animation) and a lack of anything interesting earns this steaming pile of crap a 2/10.

The 2 stars are purely for effort.