Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"

lol meh

Sorry bro, being a stick figure animator myself, I already know when something is pretty lazy. Drawing a little brush circle every frame hardly takes any artistic skill. However you spiced things up with the filters and the occasional extra effects, which I enjoyed. I also liked the song and the background isn't bad either (:

MLeth responds:

I really put my soul into this though.. It was my first big project ): I havent been animation for so long xD And man, "it hardly takes any artistic skill" <-- that hurts ;_;

But thanks xD


9 points cuz the caracter design was cheap :P
animation was smooth extremly smooth
fx were great and best part its frame by frame art

so great job and do some more


Preety interesting.Keep it up. :)

simple but good

didnt like the music at the end though

Good stuff

Reminded me of a mix of Limbo and the flies that Adam Phillips has in his Bitey series.