Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"


that was pretty sexy


That was pretty cool, made me think of how a generic DBZ fight would look like from way off in the distance lol.
8, cause it was cool, but though the music was good, i think there could have been a better choice. something more exciting/active.


best dog fight ever to bad all we can see is the butts

the dots had emotion!

i dont know why everyone is bashing the laziness! yeah it's just a dot and anyone can do it, but when it went up to investigate that plant i actually got a sense of curiousness from the little guy. it actually looks like you have a pretty good future in special effects tho! that's the stuff that's pretty hard to animate. anyway, i liked it... keep it up i say! you can only get better


The animations were lazy as well as the sounds track. It was just a dubbed on song didnt link to the animation. And with Limbo being a inspiration you dont do it much credit Limbo portrays a sense of story and empathy without ever really telling you anything leaving your mind to wander. This movie was me watching a bunch of colored dots fly around lost to whats going on.