Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"

Lights done right.

Wow. Haven't seen any decent silent movie around here for awhile. And you make one that's brilliant! The stroke is really neat and clean, giving perfect sense of speed and movement of the flies. Well done!

And the lazer are a good bonus!

Very cool, but...

It looked really cool, but couldn't you have created your own background rather than using the LIMBO background from XBox LIve?

MLeth responds:

I made the background in Photoshop actually :P But with Limbo in mind that is


very interesting and cool

I really enjoyed this

I think its great you were able to create an understandable story through use of just simple animation and the music. Keep up the great work.

MLeth responds:

Thank you!

Nice job

Came out pretty well. Those FBF dots swirling around have been done to death, but you managed to bring a little more to it and make it not as played out. Good job. Woulda liked to see a little more happen tho.