Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"

what's with all these limbo flashes lately

not that i'm complaining


you used flash?

MLeth responds:


Yesh, Flash and Photoshop ^^

wooow that was nice

i really love it
1 thing that could be better is the little tree that falls, it would be better if you made some roots or make the tree crack at the boddom or something
but otherwise it was awesome

btw people who like animes and wana help me make one check my profile, i really need animators, people to draw things, more names, people who can help with the script ........

MLeth responds:

Oh yeah, good idea with the tree! Why didnt I think of that.. xD Anyway, thanks for reviewing!

"i love it"

its really nice :)! make more ! this fight make me remamber dragonballZ


It was like a miniature invasion.

Simple bright colors, but put to a drab and colorless background not only looked more colorful, but enhanced the small actions.

I love the wispy streaks of light in flash animations. It's fun to watch and, on a practical note, gives a sense of speed and direction.

The music was very immersive and fit the action very well.

By the way, don't let anyone give you crap about the Limbo looking background. This style of dead nature minimalism has been used since the 70's and in reality Limbo copied it way before you did.

Anyway thanks for submitting.

MLeth responds:

Hehe, thank you for the nice words! ^^