Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"


I guess everyone who posted 0 on this is either fucking retarded or just likes to watch fucking anime porn. For all of you, who voted 5 - 0.. all I have to say to you is go fuck a goat and delete your account of NG.

As to this flash, I enjoy it very much. Like the details on it, smooth frames. Cool background aswell. Good job & keep up the good work.

MLeth responds:

Thank you! =)


well....i liked the background.....

Strangely cool!

At frist I was like, Okay this is lame. But as it went on I really liked it. Good use of limbo backround and music. Keep up the good work.

I could do something like this

Etch A Sketch meets Limbo (Xbox Live) meets DBZ fanatic... Nice effects though :-)

Love it

I knew dot movies were going to become popular lol but this is great keep it up