Reviews for "Fireflies - The Fruit"

its ok

it is defiantly an interesting flash, kinda hard to follow what's going on, but was fun to watch.

Awsome man...

I hope my voting power will somewhat fix the stupidness of thr previous reviewers

MLeth responds:

Thanks! :D I hope so too xD <3

wow that was...

...Epic! keep up the great work!

Well then...Not Quite Sure WHat To Make Of It...

But it was a great animation. A bit confusing but it was definitely art and I enjoyed it.

i dont understand

newgrounds must really need anything they can get for front page nowadays.... honestly, I think you could do better. How about instead of being so damn lazy on backround and the fireflies, have the backround changing, and dont take it from some crappy black and white game that might as well have been made on newgrounds..... another thing how about the fireflies? i mean a couple of close ups to see what they look like maybe give em a funny face and then shoot the laser or w/e it is they were doing.... just really put more effort into it, reminded me of a 4 year old playing with microsoft paint.