Reviews for "League of Evil"

Wall Jumping

Like PsychoticBastard said, your wall jumping was smooth and easy, no unnecessary trouble whatsoever. Also I like to explode people's bodies with a charging panch.

5/5 10/10

I haven't been this addicted to a game in a long time. I'm collecting every achievement one by one. I still have 7 lvls to go but I think this simple concept. No need for upgrades a very good learning curve and challenging levels all the time.

Junior shareholder medal doesn't seem to be working.

you should thinking of adding a level editor.

League of Awesome

One of the better platformers here on NG. A great challenge and yet staying interesting till the very end. Got me to try for all those achievements. Pleasure to play.

Great game

One of the few platformers I enjoy a lot on Newgrounds. Good job. One of the things I noticed is when you replay a mission, the star rating that shows is the last rating you got playing the mission. That sounded confusing. Alright lets say I play mission 2 and get 3 stars. If I play it again for fun and get 2 stars, the mission select screen will show 2 stars. Aside from that nitpicking, it is a really fun game.


this a good game actually a very good one but needs more medals