Reviews for "League of Evil"


i never got my medals?

Imposible medals

ARRRRGGG,i try o bilhon again and i not get one medal!!!all are 100 points!!!!!>=(

Great game with twisted humor

I really enjoyed playing the game. It took me hours to complete every level with three stars and suitcases. I couldn't stop until i got em all.. :) Great work!

I love a challenge

The graphics of this game are so simple, yet highly appealing nonetheless. The whole 18-bit things makes it seem retro, but the bright colors make it pleasing to observe.
Really, though, the greatest aspect of this game is that it's challenging. The need to beat each and every level with a perfect score was frustrating at times, but the appeal of this game had me hooked.
Kudos to you, Wobly

League of Evil...

The title "League of Evil" suits this game perfectly. Why? Because this game is fucking evil (pardon my French). The music is great, it has a catchy tune. The graphics are also cool and look retro. Great job on that. The first level/tutorial makes sense, but the game takes off way too fast. The second level, I was astounded. "Electric spikes already" The first 8 levels or so seem reasonable despite the quick take off. However, the game seems to get way too difficult around half way through the game. I understand you wanted to make the game challenging and quick paced. In my opinion, I think you took that way too far. It might just be that I can't beat this game, or it is just a tedious, asinine ball of code. When I go to perform dangerous jumps, I find that I can't double jump sometimes when needed. What happened? Was there a glitch in the code? Also, the timing with those spinning spike arms are atrocious! Half the time they are in the correct spot. I find that I die way to easily.

What I suggest you do, next time is that you make a game like this is to include a health bar, 2 hits, that could be it, that's all I would need. One hit is just a grotesque gesture of saying "You suck". Include "save states". I find myself in a tricky area and it took too much effort to get there. I am afraid I won't make the next jump and guess what? I have to start the whole level all over again. I suggest that you also double check coding for any errors.

Anyway, I played and beat your newest game "Gravity Duck". That is a great game. I found no glitches, timing was hard, but not too hard. It was and is a great challenging game and I hope to see more like those. Just make sure you don't take a game to far.

Graphics = 8/10
Music = 9.4/10
Storyline = 10/10
Gameplay = 5/10
Controls = 4/10
TOTAL= 7.28/10

Keep up the good work!