Reviews for "League of Evil"


Great game. Amazing, even. Very reminiscent of megaman in it's difficulty. Reminds me of the old NES platformer games where you had to be quick, yet precise in everything you did. Thank you for this game.

What the fuck!

Its aight.. but its fucking hard!
Its impossible to get 3 fucking stars on some of these!
How the fuck can you kick someone with no ledge to wait on while they turn around and they fucking kill you whenever you stand face to face with them..
Actually, they fucking kill you even if you ARENT face to face!
Some fucking how, they know your there, turn around and shoot you dumbass before you even have fucking time to land on the fucking ground!

Old school and I like it

This take me back to when games were MADE to kick your ass.

I love this game.

what the ....

its so god damn hard i never play this ßß

Cool game

It was one of the hardest games ive ever played but ig got all the medals. Excellent Work (In hard levels you must be patient to avoid traps) Good Luck :)