Reviews for "League of Evil"

Great, but..

I found the controls a bit hard to get used to; don't get me wrong the game is great and I love the retro feel and music about it! Once you've played it a bit it's a great game.

Good game

Nice game, I noticed that the enemies actually react to my movement and the thinks that I do and not only have a pre programmed trayectory.

its aight

"We can rebuild him; we can make him better. We have the technology; we have the means to make him better! Whats that? We're out of kevlar? oh well just put on a metal plate for looks and bionical arm, we'll call it even." The henchmen seem to be able to psyonically see where you pop up reguardless the direction you come from, making it much harder wall jumping onto platforms. I suggest throwing in an "Zone of Sight" or allowing you to take more than 1 bullet. it seems funny to me that a single shot is able to take down a cyborg. /shrug

Ah the nostalgia

I'm referring to the pain in my fingers of course. Nice hard game. BTW it -- IS -- possible to get 3 stars on every level. I did it. Check my account if you don't believe me.

Kinda Masocore...

reminds me meatboy or i wanna be the guy LOL...this game is f*cking awesome, 10 stars ;)