Reviews for "League of Evil"

Mildly entertaining.

You really need a new theme other than "random dude crosses platforms," it is starting to get pretty redundant.

Also you need a button to resend the medals now that you have added them. (Why doesn't ever game have this? Because people are lazy.)


sorry about the 0/10 i was just so frustrated before when I didn't know I could press Z to quickly restart the level when I died.

amazing game i beat it over the course of 2 days and it also made my fingers numb

fast and fun

A great and challenging game :P

Fast-paced but not too hard!

The nice thing about this game is that it's fast-paced, without it becoming too hard. Makes you think you actually have some skills :)


Nice music! Repetative but i cant get it out out of my head!!b Oh, gameplay is good too!