Reviews for "Naruto - Ninja Battle"

I'm a Naruto fan

The score should not be this high. Also, you misspelled controls, teleport, and Rasengan in your instructions. The last of which, I admit, shouldn't really be that big of a deal, except you are obviously a fan if you tried to make this, so you really should have spelled it right. It just screams poor production quality before you even try to play the broken game. But, then again, I've yet to encounter a really good flash fighter, so I suppose the difficulty involved in making a good one can be considered. Still, it sucks, the contact recognition is iffy at best. Try again, I'm sure you can do better.

mmm well its a pretty bad game

Im not sure if you tested it but work on it unless your practicing something ...


Okay this game is way too hard I tried playing it on easy and he sent out clones that seem unstoppable and pummel me to death. even when there wasn't any clones he seemed to punch me when he wasn't even facing me. Its a good concept good art but need to have better quality with picture so I give it a four


easy mode is pretty hard..... controls are kinda weird and touchy

Naruto fans find this review useless!