Reviews for "Clamflight"

The Freedom of Flight

I think that the purpose behind this finely crafted game was to give us a gift. And that, is the gift of flight. Man chased this dream for many centuries before finally grasping it, and this Clock Day, Clams realized that dream too. The level of gratuity owed to ClamClock for coding this miraculous wonder of flight simulators is absolutely unmeasurable.

I don't even care.

I haven't played this game yet. So why, might ask, have I given this a 5/10? Because as soon as it loaded Dayvan Cowboy began playing. Thought my pandora started up. You could have looped it better though. Still, go you.


I passed the game ,full achevments and passed the meat.that meat was raw!

this is fun

a flying clam with a clock???
Maybe it isn't a good idea to ask that kind of question why you made it like that. But wtf is clock day, a day where you throw clocks at people? because that I can do.

This game was much longer then i expected way longer. and the only reason you die is because you get bored and make mistakes happen. however that doesn't mean the games not good!