Reviews for "Clamflight"

Awesome game

Was it just me or did the clam remind anybody else of Maxamillion Bagsworth?

It's funny

Somehow I've managed to amass level 100 in TWO different skills! Both movement and cannon power.

it was good

jam out with your clam out!

A powerful message.

That was an amazing story. I never knew about the plight of the humble clam and the far reaching effects of global pollution. I would like to donate a million dollar nigerian check scam to your recycling organization, to whom should I make this scam in the name of, and where would you like the checks to be sent? Just send me back 50% of the proceeds and keep the other 50% for your noble organization. Keep up the good fight! SAVE THE CLAM!

Crazy Awesome

I am surprised at how many cannon power levels there are i am still going up and only at lvl 439. When does it end