Reviews for "Clamflight"

Its OK

Its a ok game but very simple and not the best flash game there is.

Good job.


The game was okay.
Seeing I'm a medal freak I played it for a while.
But it does not go into dept.
You upgrade the money first, some movement speed a lil faster...
At bosses you just fly up to move the screen up while shooting, then move down when the boss does too.
Havent gotten the 1 mil medal yet and dont know how close I am to it...
Maybe a total distance traveled measerment?
And the money is off... I've got 2 mil I cant spend cus I bought everything already.
I do like the graphs though

GL creating other games? :D

thought it had potential

started out pretty decent and addicting enough to keep you going to get all upgrades while thinking it might at some point become enjoyable but didnt happen,very dull and repetitive yet somehow addicting at least for about 10 minutes
keep em comin

Not very intresting

But strangely addicting. Like i really went through all that trouble to buy everything from the store. A bit like Toss The Turtle. Clamflight isn't a quality game but could have been. Regardless for what it is, it's passable.

Decent at best.


strange yet awesome. unfortunately you can just hold up until you reach the top of the screen then start holding down until you hit the bottom and so on and nothing can hit you except for bosses.