Reviews for "Clamflight"

One problem in particular.

It was kind of fun, although the graphics and music were not very good. One thing I encountered was when I advanced further in the game it wouldn't let me come out of the cannon. Every time I pressed the space bar it said that I died.

wasnt bad wasnt good

I think the graphics could be better and maybe another 2 or 3 more songs , and a flight 1000000(whatever) wow than u really got to love this, and i dont know a steak- boss???hmm...how could a steak hurt U


I'm sorry, but this game was a waste of time. The medals aren't worth the tedious gameplay, the graphics are poor, the music is annoying, and there were times where an item would skim me and have no effect, but an item just out of range would make me die. This needs a lot of work. Also, the whole no gravity thing gets old.

I like this game

I enjoy this game. It is fun and not too challenger. I have beaten it, but I have not received any medals. I use Firefox. Has anybody else problems with the medals?


this is not too hard and at the same time not too easy but a kink off boaring