Reviews for "Clamflight"


Amazing clam. It kept me playin' for a couple of hours, but it gets repetitive. I love any game with upgrades, so thumbs up!


not bad or good i mean a steak boss???


mmmm.. $500 of T-bone steak.. yummy!
Odd start though. took me a moment to figure out I had to get myself killed to get to the shop to buy a gun ;-)


the game was real f*cked up. I couldnt fire. I died. I had to reload the page. I shot and it was working i eventually died. But then i fired again i was going, but, NO crates, and NO distance. N how do you get money? By distance? Cuz that didnt work either. And can u move the cannon at all? And what with the power meter (red meter thing below the cannon?) If u go slow mo or something. Its a cool game. Just remake it and fix all this mess ups


I passed the game ,full achevments and passed the meat.that meat was raw!