Reviews for "Clamflight"


I can't find bosses either - same as 3 below.

Excellent game!!

Clamfight rocks!!!!

this is fun

a flying clam with a clock???
Maybe it isn't a good idea to ask that kind of question why you made it like that. But wtf is clock day, a day where you throw clocks at people? because that I can do.

pretty ok

i give it a 6 because it sais theres bosses but this game is to terrible for me to play long enough to find them and really people who voted a ten? you really dont think this game has room for improvment? well in my opinion clock day this year sucked ass

Could be better

It was alright until game-ending bug... Hit space right at 0 and so it didnt move so i could never die since no enemies came, but i never made any money either