Reviews for "Clamflight"

Clam Slash!

nice game, although initially very slow
I have only one request to the medal ... those one million or distance means money
and if the distance, so together (for all flights, in which case I wonder if somewhere can see how much I flew) or in the piece (if the piece, then it deserved more than 10 points a thousand .. .. ..)

and auto atack options.. yeah...

where are my medals?

so i got all upgrades, got to the meat boss... twice... and i know i wasnt seeing the 'you have won this medal' note thing but some games dont show you but give you the medals. i checked and they werent there. just a heads up though to check those.
other wise, definitely ALOT better than the first time i played this game (before the medals) and its really a fun little time waster. 5/5


Well that was a fun time waster :D The classic "stupid hard and tedious upgrade grind to exponentially increasing money = SUPER WIN followed by "Gee I have $2 million and nothing to do with it"" concept will never get old :P
I like the 1 boss per run play style. Means that for people who don't realize you can go faster with upgrades, they will learn eventually.

bad game

This game is terrible, I want the medals and all, but that clam moves so damn slow, and nothing exciting is happening that I just don't think I can play this game to unlock everything. It would be better if everything would move faster and there was a better way to obtain money.

One thing confuses me

How can there be a flame on the grill in space?