Reviews for "Clamflight"

Wow... where to begin?

so... Mute button, but I never heard any music in the game...

I can't figure out what kind of game you were trying for?

Object avoidance? The objects were always right in front of you and couldn't be easier to dodge.

Shooter? Well... maybe but this has to be the first game ever where I found the gun made it MORE boring. That's a pretty serious fail there.

I would often kill myself just to spend the points in the hopes that it would somehow get better.

I stopped around lvl 5 of most things and having all the right side objects. Once the gun was lvl 4, I just sat and shot. Until I got to 50,000 ft nothing ever came close.

Why are the object always right in front of you?

The speed of the gun seems to make no difference to the game whatsoever... the distance goes up faster and the background moves by faster, but the objects move by at the same speed relative to you. Whats the point in upgrading the gun?

Is there a target distance? A point to the game?

Pretty good, but needs tweaking.

The game has two issues that keep it from being any challenge whatsoever. First, you can survive really easily by just holding the up or down keys until you reach the level boundaries and then switching directions. Second, the obstacles always spawn where your guy's Y location is, which makes the first part possible and also makes it so that when you get the gun all you need to do is stay still and hold the spacebar to kill every obstacle in your path, since they all spawn directly across from you. I recommend adding some random spawning, as well as obstacles that can change their path, to keep this interesting. I also recommend there being checkpoints of some sort so that when you become really powerful later in the game, you don't have to fly through the same easy boring obstacles at the beginning and skip to more challenging sections (but that give bigger rewards). I also recomment pointing out the store when you first start the game. I didn't even notice that box in the corner until you mentioned your game had a store in your response to another's review.

Other than those minor issues (which can be fixed without too much trouble), this game was really well done. Happy Clock Day!

clamclock responds:

the game does have checkpoints, you just havent gotten far enough to get one. (you'll know when you get there!)

also, spamming the gun will only get you so far, as the difficulty does get up there once you get far enough in.

it does start to get challenging later on.

if only he moved faster....

if only clamclock would have moved faster this game would have been more fun to play, but it was pretty boring.

clamclock responds:

you can upgrade your speed in the store


it was really cool