Reviews for "Clamflight"

Perpetual Freefall

The game starts off well enough like any distance shooter, only this one allows you to have full control of Clamclock as he flies through the air dodging and eventually shooting objects. Unfortunately, at about the 375k mark, the enemies disappeared, and all you can do at that point is rack up distance and money (which I'm still trying to collect). While the soundtrack is good, combined with the perpetual freefall, the game just might put you to sleep.

clamclock responds:

it has been fixed!


simple and relaxing


so basically after 500k(ish) objects stop flying at you and your money keeps going up along with distance.. theres no boss after the first one.. why am i not surprised this game ends up being a giant waste of time

clamclock responds:

that issue has been fixed! sorry friend!

Not bad..

I would have been better if there was another way to earn coins. I got to 500k ft. and there were no enemies to attack and now way to die, so I just let it fly for a while (Still going). Also, where are the other bosses?? At 500k feet still only one boss.. Weird.
The quality is good and the stat upgrading system is pretty nice too.
Overall it was a pretty good game! Nice job!

clamclock responds:

the enemies are spawning correctly now!

I see what you did there

Heh heh