Reviews for "Clamflight"

I don't even care.

I haven't played this game yet. So why, might ask, have I given this a 5/10? Because as soon as it loaded Dayvan Cowboy began playing. Thought my pandora started up. You could have looped it better though. Still, go you.

The Freedom of Flight

I think that the purpose behind this finely crafted game was to give us a gift. And that, is the gift of flight. Man chased this dream for many centuries before finally grasping it, and this Clock Day, Clams realized that dream too. The level of gratuity owed to ClamClock for coding this miraculous wonder of flight simulators is absolutely unmeasurable.

Solid game

This was a solid game you made for Clock Day 2010,it was pretty boring at first with it moving all slow but once you leveled up it got pretty intense and fun so the longer you played the more fun it got and the animation looked good too so overall i think you did a nice job on your contribution for Clock Day 2010.

Fun game

The updates have officially allowed me to rate this a five, so congrats for listening to your fans and giving them what they want. The enemy spawn variety made them trickier to dodge, adding tension to the usual boredom that begins to surface after floating in the same place for an hour. The gun upgrades were almost useless because of the shorter time it takes to encounter a boss, because the regular enemies become stronger after defeating one, making those who don't realize that think the gun is getting weaker instead of more powerful. However, the fact the bosses appear more frequently is a relief as it changes up the pace nicely, taking away the redundant flying until after the boss is defeated, but then you can look forward to the fact the next will appear shortly when you crash again. What would make this more fun would be even more bosses and enemy variety. Wouldn't it be cool to be shooting strawberry-henchlings for a while, and then go up against the king himself as the epic boss of the game? Also, a hard mode could be added easily if you actually could go up into space after you obtain the monocle. Totally different enemy types could be up there, like U.F.O. clocks! More medals would be nice, too. Just five isn't enough to feel proud of obtaining all of them. I hope you like these considerations, and hopefully the game can get over a 4/5 if you ever do update again!

Thank you!

Thank you for solving those problems. It makes the game a lot more fun now you let the bosses spawn quicker and made more variation in the object spawning. But there's only one thing that's less perfect now. First, I played for over two hours ( and by that, I mean placed something on the space button for two hours), but now I collected just as much money in 5 minutes, as where I had to play 2 hours. But the improvements are too good to let that ruin my mood. Thanks.