Reviews for "Clamflight"

Just started off too slow

Needs to start off a little faster. I ended up beating the 9th boss twice just to see if it went any further but nope... kinda disappointed since it was actually starting to get fun. Dont know why but it was somewhat addictive. A little more humor and enemies would add to it.

Gun didn't work

Spacebar didn't do anything...so it was just avoiding boxes etc forever.

Could use much better graphics.

But I don't particularly care. Upgrades were well balanced, until the 7th boss. I had nearly a million by the 9th.

Well, that was weird

I do not know why, but why this game was one of the slowest things I have ever played, it actually kept me entertained for a long time. I am not sure how it did it, but I just really wanted to keep on playing. Maybe it was just because the numbers were just going on so high. I had no idea whenever a boss or anything would show up as I got over 8,000 in score. I guess you just have to wait a really long time. It was weird how I kept having to pace myself seeing as how the controls did not work that well for me.

slow, boring, long!

too slow for me! boring and too long!
a flying-shell, boxes, bicicles, knives...
come on man!