Reviews for "Clamflight"


the gun takes too much time to reload. and i hate the way the things flying at you arent random. it gets annoying.

EAt that 500 dollar steakclock

i beat the game. it was slow at the start then when i got all the upgrades it got boring once again.

may i suggest a superclam side scroller? maybe he shoots pearls.. or has a pearl whip like indiana jones. Dodge games are kind of boring now that they've been done like a 1000 times.

Not bad

When I first started playing this game I thought to myself, Wow this is slow and boring.

I found myself quickly upgrading, and the game flew by. I stopped playing well before the end mostly because I had already maxed out everything and it was down to just simply dodge and kill bosses.

The challenge was about the same no matter how many upgrades I had. The only real thing that decreased the challenge level was the guns.

It was a good start, but I enjoy a bit more then a superclam dodge fest.

Nice time killer

But does it end?
Lozzlo, in the upper right hand corner is a button with a dollar sign on it. After you have earned a little money dodging, click it and buy the cane gun, then you will have the gun.

I agree with someone else on here who mentions the fact that in your description of the game you should point out the store fact.

Holy Sh*t

after achieving all the medals, i realised that there was a HOLE IN MAH SPACEBAHR!!!
this game is awesome though i dont like the clock day. its creepy how that clock watches you (get it? watch. Man! im not funny!)