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Reviews for "Whats better than B?"


This movie touched the most important issue the world has ever seen, it touched my life in a way i didn't think possible, it's animation didn't have any slowdown, it loadded in no time at all, which makes it an amazing technical achievement.
I'm crying tears of joy.

Alex-Cortes responds:

Glad you liked it. ;)

A rocks more than B


Great creation made with flash for a starter, you should learn to use text options...

I knew it!

I just knew that the answer to that question was going to be the letter "C"! Of course, if you are going by letter grades, a better example would probably be "A". Then again, you guys did kind of subvert it by saying C was not really better than B. I guess we could go on all day debating over what letter is better. I hope you had a nice Clock Day and next time, could you please try to use the much more clear typing stuff for that? Again, even StrawberryClock's original "B" was like that, but maybe this did take more effort.

Alex-Cortes responds:

Actually you'd be surprised how long this took to make, since this was my actual first submission on NG. >_>

Meh, maybe next time I could try do something much better next time that doesn't have crummy quality. Still at the time when I submitted this the moment seemed right. Thanks for the review though.


Only like 6 frames in the entire thing?Lame.

Alex-Cortes responds:

Actually it was 5 frames but yea I know its lame. :P