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Reviews for "Saharan Sunrise"

This is really good. I particularly liked the strings in the background around 30 secs. Reminds me of going on a really happy roadtrip and seeing fields of green and blue skies. And as johnfn said the nice panwork as well. Only CC i can offer is perhaps if it had a bridge of some sort to give it that other dimension, but a great job indeed.

TheBenjerman responds:

Thank you! I was aiming for everything about the piece to be as simple as possible (besides the counterpoint between the lines perhaps) and I may have overshot my goal a bit by not adding some sort of varying material. I hope it still works without the change-up.

O.o this was not what I expected at all. And I like it!

I really like how you went almost exact-opposite of me. The vibe in the piece is fantastic. I'm loving the strings throughout. You've got a solid piece here, but the ending could've wound down a bit more before that big flourish. There are a few little nitpicks that don't deserve mentioning here but I love this track.

This is great but also agonizingly short. I've barely started to feel the warmth of the sun on my face and then it was over.

I think the little part starting at 1:18 could very well turn into the start of a B-section. And then you could go back to a more filled-out and active variation of the main theme, and end it there. It's already really enjoyable as it is but I also found it somewhat unfulfilling.

I really like this one. It reminds me a little bit of the ambient music that plays in games like simcity when time is paused. There is a lot of wonderful attention to detail, like subtle acoustic guitar flourishes, nicely panned plucked instruments, and a very subtle beat. The swelling of the orchestra is really nice too.

Good stuff. It compliments Papkee's piece really nicely :-)

TheBenjerman responds:

Thanks a lot! ^_^

Very dreamy and chill! ;) The melody and instruments were excellent, and the percussion (clicking noise?) was really cool, too. I must say that your attention to detail is superb. I thought it ended a little suddenly, though, and perhaps you could've done a little more with it, or at least looped it. The structure could've been more meaningful as well. Still, I like the atmospheric vibes! Keep at it, and good luck at NGADM! ;D

TheBenjerman responds:

Thanks! I rather like the little flourish on the end, although I can see where you're coming from about ending suddenly. I wanted to end on that little gratuitously happy note though, and if it takes a little away from the structure of the piece, so be it.

About the structure as a whole, see the response to Esoterik's comment (I may have nailed "simple" a little too well).