Reviews for "substructure"

I like the frantic synths and melodies a lot, and you definitely succeeded in your goal of making something that's both groovy and atmospheric. The piano and vocals added a lot to the piece as well. I felt like it could've progressed faster, but I thoroughly enjoyed the transition into 1:51. The structure is excellent, and the transitions are good as well. May I ask what the voices are saying? The ending got cut off (I'll assume that's the part that needs fixing you refer to in the description), but I also found that using the crash in that way is a little cliché. However, I'm willing to ignore that because you clearly worked very, very hard on just about every other aspect of the song. Amazing work, Johnfn! :D Good luck making it through Round 1, not that you need it, and (dare I say?) I'm looking forward to seeing what you make for Round 2! ^^

johnfn responds:

Thanks for leaving the review, I'm glad you liked it! It's funny how you say that it should have progressed faster. In my initial revision it took nearly twice as long to get to the climax! Eventually someone pointed out that wasn't the greatest idea, so I cut out a lot of extraneous stuff. But I have to admit, after you rearrange your song a lot, you really stop losing a sense of how the arrangement is working. It's something I definitely need practice with!

Round 2 or not, the music keeps coming :D

Edit: Oh yeah, the vocals. My intent was to keep them mostly unintelligible (sometimes, I reverse them, so that you can't tell what she's saying). My justification is that it's more about the voice as a sound then the words. Also, the words she is saying are kinda dumb. You can look them up in the ccmixter link that I provided in the description if you're REALLY curious xD

Sounds very pleasant. You mentioned earlier your songs weren't very complex, but I think it's complex enough though. More complex doesn't mean better. I like the fast synths a lot. They're hard to follow, but they sound funky and go easy on the ear. The ending isn't bad, though just a little cut off it seems. It would be nice if you could fix that, but it's not too annoying. Cutting a song down to most important parts sounds like a good idea. 3 to 5 minutes generally is the best length for me to hold my attention. Good job.

johnfn responds:

I just fixed your problem with the crash as you made this comment.

I'm glad you liked it! The thing about being unable to follow synths was in some way part of my goal, in that the melody would come second to the emotions that the melody brought through. It's kind of weird and I can understand that maybe I could have executed it better!

Your point about complexity is interesting. While I consider this song to have a lot of notes, I don't consider them to be particularly complex notes. ;-) The chord movements are all very straightforward, as are the melodies. But I don't think that's necessarily bad. Some of the greatest music ever written was straightforward too.

Outstanding! I love the groovy sound it has and the transitions

The voices added even more space to the piece (and it was huge already) it's a great use of all the electronic sounds! and that solo at the end haha just outstanding!

Really great stuff!

johnfn responds:

Thank you!

Hey john,

I know it's been a while but i recently made a soundcloud btw! Also me being horrible at writing reviews and you getting alot better than me, i say this is actually my favorite work from you. That arpeggiated synth at the start gives it this action feel to it while still staying melodic and groovy. The EQ-ing is spot on and the drums are well mixed.

My only complaint is the voice as it seems rather unfitting. Otherwise, nicely done!

johnfn responds:

Duude what's the link to the soundcloud? I can't find you lol. I don't think I'm better than you though, your mixing and sounddesign and all that is still much better than mine.

Thanks for dropping by though, I was worried you had disappeared forever. Will be watching you on soundcloud as soon as I find you ;-)

Nice! Sounds really clean. The intro is outstanding. Then it's lacking a little bit of loudness on the drums imo (but it's minimal). Length is pretty much perfect. Listened to it many times and really enjoyed it.
Keep it up man!

johnfn responds:

Thanks man! I will be sure to properly louderize my drums in my future tracks :-)