Reviews for "Epic Powerpuff Clocks"


I found it really funny. I expected less from a clock crew movie.

PS: The very loud guitar that replayed at the end of the movie scared me to death.


I knew where this was goin and seriously thought it was just goin to be some plain powerpuff opening parody that was well animated, until i saw the sephiroth head. I LOL'd in my pants.

super awesome!!

this is awesome!!!


Stupid? Come on, now. I thought that was a very nice PPG credits parody. The clockspressions on the PPCs' faces were a nice touch in particular. And in the end, gotta love that frenetic DnB paired with the silliness of it all, a classic theme song never goes out of style.

Powerpuff Clocks?

I thought they were only a myth... It makes me very happy that they are a reality.