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Reviews for "SBC (ME) Vs. SideshowMel"

yas sbc nevar b dieing hahahahahahaahahahaha



This was vintage Strawberry Clock material at it's finest except this was actually much longer than your past work but still as funny as ever and i loved the creepy audio too,stay with us always SBC. =)

Holy ****

This is scarier than most horro movies... SERIOUSLY!!! Watch this at 01:00 and u will wet your bed when u go sleep ^^


It was crappy and extremely funny! Although the music kinda freaks me out sometimes...


This is a fine display of absurdity, but gotta love the "dramatic" music which reminded to those ooooooold gameboy pokemon games. I like it in a certain way.

For everyone who don't get it, neither do I but for some reason (planets aligned, a contract with the Devil, or the most common theory, the Fulp having a crash on SBC) the portal just idolized him. Go see his flashes previous to B and tell me it's not a crap, who knows, just don't try to change the mob in this portal or you'll get your ass served to you, predictably.