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Reviews for "SBC (ME) Vs. SideshowMel"

You deserve nothing...

..but a high score for the excellent animation! Best story ever! Loved it when Strawberry Clock blasted Mel and he died. :)

Happy Clock Day

Magnificent, my lord. Your talent has only grown with the years.



I thought the front page was for good submisions :( *I rated 10 just to keep the rating at 10 cuz thats cool cuz its 10....

How to fuck...

...Did u get yourself to the top page lol. This flash should not even exist. Should be burned, smashed, destroyed.

Animation 0/10
Annoying: 20/10 becouse of how sound is scraching insides of my ear.

Beside shity animation, good job by making this flash annoying as it can get. Pat yourself on a back, you deserve it.


Why do people vote 10 for this? Sorry this is my first clock day. Anyway the music was annoying, but that is the trational clock day. Annoying