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Reviews for "Departure"

This is an NGADM Round 1 review.


I was looking forward to hearing your track, and now that I finally have I am not in the least bit disappointed. This is a gorgeous piece with sensible instrumentation, beautiful chords, and tasteful dynamics (especially that extraordinary crescendo from around 3:50 to 4:42). Production value is, as always, through the roof. Your strings, especially, sound incredibly warm. Your intro, by the way, is spectacular, and while your ending is a bit less sophisticated in voicing and approach, it's a tried-and-true way of ending a track like this, and it's elegant and effective. This is certainly a departure from your usual works, and it was without a doubt, successful.

The only problem this has is the same problem as the one I mentioned in the NGMT. Your instrumentation, while suitable, is quite generic and standardised. This causes many sections of the track to have a less unique atmosphere than I was hoping for, opting for a more film-like cinematic sound (except the sections with the piano and glock combo which create a crystallic texture that I adore). The whole film-scorey vibe also makes the track lack melodic development, sticking more to beautiful chords and progressions, which is a bit of a shame.

Pretty much the only problems I have with it. This is phenomenally good. Keep it up.

Score: 9.4/10

EvilRaccoon responds:

Hey Step! Thanks for the review I really appreciate it. I'll try make it more original and give my stuff more of an edge. Thanks again, I really appreciate the feedback!


I wish I found this last night when I was having trouble sleeping. So peaceful, beautiful, and sad. I would never guess that this was an unfamiliar style for you to produce.

Awesome job Peter, I think you should experiment more often so we get to hear more awesome music like this :D. Good luck in the NGADM.

At first i wanna say that it should be honored if someone tries out something different and i dont think it has been a wrong choice not to compose within the usual big epic stile. I like the piece. It has such a lonely feel - the piano is very descreet and has character. The wetness and reverp is well chosen. I also like the combination of the sustain strings, solo oboe and glockenspiel / celesta.

You raised the intensity from 3:55 - good decision! Only thing i would have changed is that i think it would have been good to bring in a mid-part whith a short instant and powerful action as a contrast to the quiet parts and bring in snares and epic drums and after a short action part get back to the quiet style.

Overall nice piece!

All the best to Scotland!

Sadly Beautiful. I mean that in the same vein as what Jacob mentioned below: images of a tearful goodbye or the after effects of a main character's death. If this piece is not your usual composition; you certainly can't tell by how well everything was done.

The only thing I noticed was the transition at about 1:55. Starting about 1:44 you have this great build up by the horns and piano with a softening that sounds like it will lead into a transition. At 1:55, there is dead air and then a very soft echoing call. I only mention it because every other transition is smooth and flows effortlessly.

All in all, everything was wonderfully done and good luck this year!