Reviews for "Triumph des Erdbeere"

Lmfao xD

This may be stupid and really random at parts.
But damn that was really funny :D
I thought it wasn't going to be that good cause of the beginning, but as it progress, it turned out to be nice :P

Strange weird...but delicious...

Tom Fulp on a surf board...need I really need to explain how cool this is? "Fuck the children!" Lol!


why do acid when you can now just watch what it does to you???
this vid is ludacris I give it a 7


Liked the Carmaggedon reference?

neh, it was ok...

It was kinda interesting, and it was also really really random. It didn't necessarily make me laugh all that much since it just was way too random for my taste. I would say that you did pretty good job on the animation, but I just couldn't see the humor in it all.